Anon who’s trying to engage me in stupid arguments ignoring the blatant proof. Don’t you see what’s going on RIGHT NOW? Are you that blind??

What makes you think I’ll waste my time answering “oh my gaaahh you trust Eleanor’s thirteen year old cousin to give you informationnn”. You aren’t reading…


Anonymous asked:

What happened in Wellington, really? I see a lot of posts saying they kissed but (the vid quality sucks) if you look at how the pixels move you could see that H turned L around and hugged him from behind?

worshippedlove answered:

We don’t know because it was taped with a payphone, but I think that Louis is yelling something (I don’t know what, it sounds like “boyfriend” but it doesn’t really make much sense, although considering Louis’ state of drunk I wouldn’t put it past him), he goes to Harry, kind of for a Kiss, but Harry wasn’t as pissed so he stops him and turns him around, then Louis kinda moves his head to the side to give Harry access?? And it looks like he’s kissing his neck?? But some people say that he’s actually giving a thumbs up above Louis’ shoulder because he sees he’s being filmed. And the people who uploaded the video said there was more, I think, but… they never showed and took down what they had already uploaded, (a lot of people took copies though). Harry IS hugging Louis from behind and he IS putting his face near Louis’ neck. Sooo… there’s that. And apparently Fizzy and Keith denied that it was THEM in the video which?? There are tons of videos and tons of pictures of them there, and they were dressed the same, and you can recognise Louis’ voice. But Fizzy apparently said like “I believe what my brother tells me and if he doesn’t want me to know something then I respect him” (I may be quoting wrong, but I think it was that).

So… yeah, the other portion of the fandom ignores this ever happened or says that Harry was only whispering in Louis’ ear and that Louis was yelling wankers (because you can hear a The Wanted song in the background). But it really doesn’t sound like “wankers”.


There Is No Wrong Way to Hug: A Guide to the Great Britain/Ireland 2014 Olympics Hugging Team aka Team One Direction


With only 255 days left til the Olympics, it is time to start that hardcore training and introducing you to this year’s athletes. Now your questions might be, wait is hugging a winter sport? An Olympic sport? Or even a sport at all? The answers to all of those questions is YES. You might follow up with why? Because One Direction said so, that’s why.

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